We are a cooperative co-creating communities of mutuality

We bring together leaders and change agents who believe in the power of our collective wisdom to reimagine the world we want to be in...

to co-create the places and cultures that embody the kind of neighborhood we want to live and have ownership in...

so that we manifest a world where each member of our community can be their true selves free of fear, liberated by our full potential to lift each other up and realize our shared vision.

Our programs are rooted locally in specific sites to enable communities to co-create ‘catalyst hubs’ where people can be the change they wish to see in their neighborhood, and the world. They are based on the self-organizing model of healthy ecosystems, where the values of individuals are aligned with those of others to form teams. These teams form a catalyst hub that is supported by the Be The Change Cooperative as a replicable model for positive change - where individuals can be the best expressions of themselves while deepening the flow of the collective community.

To see an example of a catalyst hub under development, visit commongrounds.coop. Its cooperative framework of being designed, governed and owned by its community can be responsive to the needs of any neighborhood and its inhabitants.

Be The Change + Partners

'We are being the change in our community'

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Self-organizing community system

Getting Along:

Restorative Practice + Heart Communication

Fostering authentic relationships is crucial to the development and sustainability of any community and it requires a different, heart centred use of language that clearly conveys the desire to connect with compassion, even in conflict, dispute or disagreement.

We partner with the Centre for Peaceful Solutions and Center for Nonviolent Communication to provide the world's leading practices in relational dialogue, empathy, group counseling, mediation, healing, restoration, reconciliation and conflict management.